Casino Night Fundraiser With Casino Equipment Rentals & Casino Entertainment In Baltimore Maryland, Washington DC, & Virginia

A Casino Night fundraiser offers dozens of ways to raise funds for charity, including silent auctions, live auctions, raffles, poker tournaments, individual sponsorships, corporate sponsorships, cash bar, gourmet catered dinner, and ticket sales. ARS Events offers a Monte Carlo Night Casino Fundraiser where guest can feel the Vegas experience and excitement of playing casino game rentals that are like real. We provide professional dealers to host all of our casino games. 410-215-6507        

Casino Fundraisers often use our gaming tables to raise money for a specific goal. Guests can make donations to enter the the casino Monte Carlo Night to play the casino games they choose. We love to watch the guests play and interact with the casino dealers, they play for duration of the party and if they run out of chips, just make another donation for more chips. Guests never play for real money, our goal is to entertain them so they continue to play and raise money for your non profit association or school.


The casino hos can design the event in a variety of ways we will explain below. Just understand there is no money offered, we are playing for fun entertainment purposes only. Win or lose keep playing and support your cause. With entertainment like Flappers, gangsters, cigar girls or Elvis we can entertain your guests. The casino games are played with vouchers, funny money or chips with no cash value and are played for fun entertainment purposes only. You dont have to win to support your cause, just come for the good entertainment.

Having a successful Monte Carlo Night is important, so lets plan it!

1. What is your goal? Example: Our school needs to raise $10,000

2. Estimate guests count and divide into your goal for the actual ticket cost. Example: 100 guests  with ticket sales of $100 per guests will obtain your goal. Always be conservative so that if your event is a hit you will exceed your fundraising goal. You can adjust the guest count and ticket cost to make any casino fundraising event successful. 

Casino Night Fundraising Options 

Welcome To Las Vegas Night includes a mix of Blackjack, Roulette and Craps Tables

Poker Tournaments includes Texas Holdem Tables

Blended Casino Tournament includes a mix of casino game tables

How To Win? 

Always verify the federal and state laws along with any local permits you may need with having a non profit casino fundraiser. 

Big Dog Winner - this is the guests that wins the most chips throughout the evening wins the largest prize 

The Big Raffle Winner - the exchange rate is where your guests trade in their winning chips at the event for 1 raffle ticket for every 1000 chips. Then they place the raffle ticket into the bowl of the prize they would like to try and win.

Prize Draft - Winner picks a prize from a table of prizes, then 2nd place will choose and so on

We do offer Casino Photography and Casino Entertainment that will always allow your guests to have a memory of your event. 

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