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Casino Party Night Planner 

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Casino Night Checklist

Hire a Casino Party Planner from ARS Events to Host A Casino Party! 410-215-6507

  • Estimate your guest list

  • Choose a date ( try to avoid other large event dates in the area )

  • Learn & Follow the gambling laws of your county / state. Then, structure your event according to these laws. Always use only play money or tokens. Gather any permits.

  • Rent enough casino games. Generally 60 to 70% of your guests will play. Please review the table guest count when deciding what casino tables to select for your party. Keep in mind that Black Jack is the most popular casino game table rental for years!

  • Black Jack table rental seats 7 guests *requires 8 chairs

  • Texas Holdem Poker table rental seats 10 guests *requires 11 chairs

  • Roulette table rental standing 8 – 10 guests

  • Double Roulette table rental standing 16 -18 guests

  • 7’ or 8’ Craps table rental standing 9 guests

  • 12’ Craps table rental standing 15 guests

  • Slots 1 guest, requires 110 volt 5 amp circuit, table and linen

  • Choose a venue and casino theme to see the room size available, then select the casino game tables of choice for your guests.

  • ARS Event planners will help with the selection of décor rentals and center pieces that we offer

  • Now its time to send out the invitations

  • Offer prizes. Competition for prizes will help keep your guests interested in playing the rented casino games. If appropriate, arrange ahead of time for companies or individuals to donate prizes for your event. At the end of the event, you then may allow guests to use their winnings to win prizes, bid on auction items or obtain raffle tickets for a prize drawing. You also may choose to award a prize only to the night’s biggest winner. Offering consolation prizes to those who lose all their play money may keep them in good spirits. We have a raffle drum if needed.

  • Remember when doing your casino fundraiser to sell table sponsorship's to local business, you can provide nice table signs thanking them for the sponsorship.

  • We can Provide alternative entertainment. To keep guests entertained until the end of your casino night event, you may want to provide some form of entertainment other than the rented casino games, in case they lose their money early in the evening. For example, you could hire a band or DJ and offer dancing. Another option to consider is having a Las Vegas-type performance, an Elvis impersonator or a magician.