Company Picnic Planning in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., & Northern Virginia

After years of planning some of the most unique themed company picnics in the Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland & DC area, our event planners know exactly what it takes to create the WOW experience for you and your team. ARS Events makes every attention to detail important, making the event run smoothly.  


We provide the TOTAL event, filled with mouth-watering food, giant theme inflatables, moonbounce rentals, fun and exciting games, and the best venues your location as to offer.


Let ARS Events, plan your entire picnic from start to finish.  Call 410-215-6507


Corporate Picnic Venues in Baltimore, Maryland, DC, and Virginia

Let ARS Events help you find the perfect location for your picnic. Planning a company picnic for large groups can be challenging. Our team will help find you the right picnic venue location. We can bring the fun, food, tents, and amusements right to your location or a venue of choice. Understanding your company's needs, listening to what your employees would like is what we do! Our company picnic planners know what it takes to make a perfect picnic. Location, Location, Location

With over 100 exciting locations to choose from in the MD, DC, VA area, you’ll be amazed at just what is available and how we can transform the venue into the theme party you and your team wanted. Since outdoor picnics are seasonal in the area, we want to start early so that we can find the perfect venue.

ARS Event event planners will completely transform your venue location, park, beach, or outdoor venue in your own themed wonderland. With authentically costumed characters & live music that fits perfectly with your party theme.

We set up the tents, inflatable obstacle course for adults, giant inflatable slides, carnival tents, carnival games, face painters, and of course a grand archway entrance to a fun-filled carnival midway that will amaze your guests. Why go to an amusement park, when you can have your own private amusement park anywhere you want on the east coast. We are not your typical event planners, we are extreme fun planners that have a warehouse key to a world of fun at our fingertips.

Corporate Picnic Games in Baltimore, Maryland, DC & Virginia

As a part of our diligence process of learning to get to know you and your business, we will learn and know what Picnic foods, entertainment, amusements, crafts, and activities would be best you and your team. We will incorporate team building activities for the family as well as interactive family-friendly entertainment for children. 

ARS company picnic planner will help you browse the thousands of entertainment ideas we have of premium amusements and entertainers we offer in the Virginia, DC, and Baltimore, Maryland area. We have some of the most unique inflatable bounce rentals in the amusement rental business. We deliver and set up water slides, slip and slides, moon bounces, and interactive team building games. We set up carnival midways that include your favorite vintage old-time carnival games, craft stations, photo stations, face painters, and live entertainers that will create a fun exciting day that has the entire team involved including the CEO, new hires, family, and friends. We capture videos and photos of those special moments that your team building is happening. All this is what really makes ARS Events the leading picnic planing company in the Maryland / Virginia Area.


Now for tips from the best BBQ Picnic Style Catering Company in the Virginia & Maryland area. Our catering menus will provide mouth-watering food options from buffets to fun foods. Every dish we serve is prepared by our professional catering team. We will slowly tease your team with the smell of slow-cooked marinated BBQ boneless chicken breast to 1/3 pound perfectly spiced sirloin cheeseburgers on fresh-baked rolls. We believe in old fashion cookouts, so we prepare and cook all fresh food on-site with portable catering equipment.

The menu is not perfect until we sit and develop your companies FMP ( Food Management Plan ) that will best serve and feed your team in a timely order that will eliminate long lines and prevent congested areas. We can theme the picnic foods and decor to your favorite theme. We include the entire team, with that, said we make sure that a vegetarian option is available when requested in the FMP. We do not want team members feeling left out.

Picnic theme options include all of your favorites, over 25 company picnic themes to choose from. Western theme company picnics include western themes include old fashion train rides, mechanical bull rentals, western carnival games, western characters working the carnival games, Billy The Kid, and much more brought right to a saloon near you. Want more of a challenge, the Corporate Olympics theme would be a great way to get the team's energy going. We can provide trophies and awards to the top team members. 410-215-6507

Corporate Picnic Catering & Fun Foods in Baltimore, Maryland, DC and Virginia