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Misting Tent Rentals in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., & Virginia



We rent party rentals, misting station rentals, misting tent rentals, & mist fan rentals. Air conditioners and other mist cooling devices have made life more comfortable during warmer days. There are times when conventional air conditioning is not practical or affordable. ARS Events offers affordable misting station rental solutions: 


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Misting Tent Rentals In Baltimore, Maryland

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Misting Fan Rentals In Washington D.C.

Misting Fan Rentals In Virginia

Mist machine outdoor rentals are great for cooling down a party, restaurant, or event has never been easier. Utilizing the effectiveness of mist fan rentals or mist tent rentals really can cool off your guests, a portable mist fan easily makes the heat bearable, especially during the summer months. Creating a relaxing oasis at home, business, restaurant, or event has never been such a breeze. Without question, misting fans produce the greatest cooling effect because they offer the addition of a wind chilling factor to the long-proven benefits of mist cooling. Eliminate the heat with the soothing feeling of a chilling breeze without getting wet.


Restaurants give customers a reason to enjoy their outdoor patio, even when it’s sweltering with the simple mist tent rent in MD, DC, & VA. These allow a low-cost, easy to operate way to turn a patio into an attraction rather than an area to avoid in the summer months.

The same can be done in a backyard setting by aiming for various misting fans where you spend your time; at the dining table, chaise lounges, BBQ area, or toward your umbrella-covered seating. Customers report ambient temperature reductions of 20-25 degrees on the hottest of days. Enjoy a cool 75-80 degree patio when others are sweating it out in the triple digits.

All of our misting equipment rentals require a water source or we can provide a water tank with a pump. Mist fan rentals will require an electrical outlet or generator rental.           410-215-6507