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Big white wedding tent rentals are generally used on a grass surface area, however, we have over the years come up with many different ways to install pole tents on concrete, blacktop, & other surfaces. Pole tents have the tall tent poles that go down the center of the tent, frame tents do not have poles down the middle of the tent allowing more room. Also, keep in mind pole tents need extra room when installing to secure the tent, so tight spaces can be challenging. Our event planners will help you choose the right tent for a party or special event.





Do You Have A Short Term or Long-Term Tent Rental Project We Can Help With? We are commercial tent experts and will help guide you along the way to accomplish your project. Big or small we can help you cover it all. 

We have a choice of different style tents & tent structures that can come in all sizes.  410-215-6507

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