Rent Baltimore E-Z UP Tent Rentals in MD DC VA. Our 10 x 10 tent Rental for parties in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia can include delivery and setup. We offer DC party tent rentals, wedding tent rentals and equipment rentals for churches, towns, festivals, fairs, corporate events, college events, and social events. We can help you with a tent rental in Virginia for your event, emergency, first aid, testing, registration and more.


Maryland Tent Rentals near me in Baltimore, DC, and Virginia. Need to rent frame tents, pole tents, tent structures, emergency tents, hospital tents, testing tents, we have you covered. 410-215-6507


Rent 10 x 10 frame tents in Baltimore, Maryland

Rent 10 x 10 frame tents in DC

Rent 10 x 10 frame tents in Virginia


ARS Events rents a huge selection of large white tent rentals for Maryland government projects, schools, fairs, fundraisers, picnics, festivals and after prom ideas for graduation parties.


We also rent frame tents that can be white tent, red & white stripped carnival tents and or red & white stripped carnival booth rentals.