Giant Game Rental, We rent giant beer pong rentals in MD, DC, & VA We rent Giant Beer Pong in Baltimotr, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia. Life size game rentals for parties, picnics, and schools.


size: 4' x 16'

requires 2 - 10 amp outlet


Have you ever played Giant Beer Pong Game? Now you can play this game at your next event!

Giant Beer Pong Game for rent is beer pong on steroids! The game is so big, that you need a large office space of park to play the game! Giant Beer Pong Game for rent is a great game for corporate picnics, weddings, company events or any party in the park or large open area.

Giant Beer Pong Game for rent is a super-sized version of the classic beer pong game. The table beer pong game is played with classic RED SOLO cups. Our Giant Beer Pong Game for rent is using giant “replicas” or the classic RED SOLO cups. To make it look and feel just like the original classic table Beer Pong Game.

To make the classic RED SOLO cups giant, we use oversized cans modified to look just like the original RED SOLO cups. The balls are replaced with white volleyballs to make it look like oversized “ping pong” balls. It is to maintain the appearance so you can play this game the same way you play the classic table beer pong game. This game is especially designed to play in the park, on the beach or even large office.

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The rules of the game are simple. The teams of opposing players take turns throwing the white ping pong balls. In our case white volleyballs across the playing area to make it into the red buckets of the opposing team. Once the ball lands in the bucket, it is taken to the side and game continues. If both teams hit the buckets, the balls are rolled back. Both teams have than the chance to throw the balls again. The team that successfully hits all the opposing team’s buckets wins the game!

Giant Beer Pong Game Rental in MD DC VA. We rent Giant Beer Pong games for parties, picnics, and promotions. We really bring the feeling of a midway fair to you party. We have a huge selec