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Making Dreams Come True


Kevin Cummings, Has produced special events since 2003. Kevin started and became CEO of ARS Events to bring a " One Stop Shop " experience to the event industry. This leadership role allows him the opportunity to see a vision that most can't imagine. He is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the Company and overseeing the execution of its business plan.

Kevin wears multiple hats and is responsible for Coaching, financial planning and analysis, marketing, and product management. He has a proven track record of developing corporate strategies, leading finance organizations, and building high-performance teams.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Kevin served as Certified Financial Manager for Merrill Lynch, where he led client management, client estate solutions, business solutions, insurance and finance, information technology, and investment functions.


Co-Founder & Creative Director,


ARS Events

Turning a Vision into Reality

" The Day Always Starts With Coffee "

Jamie oversees the organization’s financial activities, including being responsible for the finance and accounting professionals who perform operational functions and serving in a strategic advisory role for the CEO.

Meeting revenue, and earnings goals and keeping cash flow stable is clearly in Jamie’s purview. Jamie also advises department heads across the organization, assisting them in both maximizing revenues, if they serve in a revenue-generating capacity, and controlling expenses without sacrificing customer or employee satisfaction or the company’s reputation.

Jamie has a Finance Degree from the University Of Maryland and has great attention to detail working with government & rental contracts, vendor relations, and payments.


Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Jamie 

ARS Events

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

" The Day Starts With A Smile "

dad and joyce.jpeg

Larry is an event & tent planning artist, yet full of creativity, new technology, and problem-solving skills which makes this the perfect job for him.


Larry holds the key to the party and many ways the start of a life together for many clients, he will design the perfect party or wedding for you. No two events are the same, each has a personality or theme that fits the dream. 


Creative Director

ARS Events

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