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 Our party planners can create an exciting midway of red & white stripped carnival booths, carnival tents or even big circus tents to create the perfect party theme of your choice. These are high quality tents & carnival booths that can have tent walls or half walls to really maintain the circus theme.  We can fill the carnival midway with an assortment of sport game rentals, giant game rentals, fun food rentals, inflatable rentals and more. 












Are you looking for that extra bling to give your carnival the perfect touch then Renting our red & white carnival booth tents are a great idea for your next party? We have a full line of carnival game rentals to go under the tent or add your own game to it. The red and white carnival booth tents really stand out and draw in crowds. When planning a carnival for your School, Church, Company, or Private Party big or small we have it all with just call 410-215-6507            






Red & white carnival booths can really create the county fair theme, boardwalk theme carnival tents for school festivals, after prom parties, grad nights, celebrations and more. Need a big circus tent rental? We can help 410-215-6507












Carnival Booths are very popular to put your carnival games in to give your guests that authentic feeling. Cotton Candy Machine Rentals, Sno Cone Machine Rentals, Popcorn Machine Rentals are also very popular to put in these amazing looking carnival tents.


We highly recommend adding prizes or stuffed animals to your carnival booth walls to make the look feel authentic. These tents really work great for shade on those hot summer time company events.

ARS Events - Where creativity meets reality! We are and have always designed and produce magnificent events coupled with new unique ideas. This year we have designed and have available for those hot summer days  -

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